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Ahmar Feather Editorial, Bolton, UK gives you the widest variety of freelance manuscript and content editing services available in Lancashire. We also provide excellent writing and tutorial services.

Achieve your deadline with confidence.

Your work is important to you, and to us. With years of training with SfEP, University qualifications and over ten years’ experience, we can make your work shine. Free sample copy-edits are available up to 250 words for those who email us a portion of their writing. Rest assured, all work is handed back to you in plenty of time for your deadline. Expand your potential and get ahead of the crowd. See our wide range of quality, affordable SERVICES.

Our writing services: form-filling, online content, official documents and much more.

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All services are personal & confidential.

Ahmar Feather Editorial does not transfer, sell or share your work with any other party. All rights remain with the original author, you. Please include any instructions and concerns you may have with your submissions either by brief attachment to your email or in the body of your email. Any time you think of something new for your text, or you have any questions about it, please email us with your ideas or queries and we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a solution. We are available any time to help you edit your work so you can stand out amongst the crowd. For anyone who is inconvenienced we provide door to door services for those near our location. Beat your competitors by contacting us.

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“I have received a fantastic editing service from them for several years. I recommend this service for anybody. It is good, reliable and worth the money.”

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