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Writer’s refreshments – imaginative tips for inspirational writing.

Break the monotony with our refreshing tips.

There must be many times when you come to a writer’s block or a feeling of boredom. Here are a few refreshing writing tips to help you keep up the flow of imaginative writing.


Tip of the month

“Write so that people can hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart”

Maya Angelou

Do you ever find yourself writing in the same place every time? Do you find yourself stuck for new ideas? If so change your writing environment once a week or more. This will inspire more ideas through your senses and relieve the monotony of your ‘boring’ environment. It will also help you see things in different contexts and will generate more emotional impact on your reader because when you are enthused with new inspiration it naturally flows into your writing.

Some places that are lovely for writing which most people think of are quiet parks, a parked car on the moors or other scenic settings, a visit to an old house and its grounds. Other tips are a visit to a quiet beach or woodland and other places that inspire imagination and emotional effects that you want to generate in your reader. Even an active theme park will create further characterisation and plot for your story. If you want to splash out there are writing retreats available on the internet. Keep a scrapbook and record useful content from each visit which could increase plot, characterisation, dialogue and narrative effects, and then look it up occasionally. You will be surprised how many new ideas come from the same book each time with each context. Share these tips with your writer friends too. They will appreciate it.

The above suggestions may seem obvious to some, but we can forget when boredom seeps in. For those who want some more adventurous inspiration, try swimming in the sea or river and recording your swimming journey on your mobile phone or other media. You could use this to write a story about an undersea world. Another idea would be to try visiting some caves and imagine living there or visit an empty desolate building that gets your imagination running rampant. Don’t forget your scrapbook and camera.

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Next month we will discuss further tips for inspiration.

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