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Holiday inspiration

Dreams do come true, just make little steps toward your goal.

Do you enjoy the school’s summer holidays, or do you and the children get bored? If bored then that is the time to get writing. What are your dream goals? You know, those things you always want but cannot have at the moment. They won’t happen without writing them down or drawing them. Try doodling too. Ok, let us get down to business. Draw a mind map of how you want to achieve your dream goals. Your goal may be a longterm one that will take a year or two to achieve but it will happen with a few steps.

For each large step that you have written down, one by one break these down into time manageable steps. For example, ‘save for a deposit’, could be broken down into monthly instalments into a savings account over a fixed time period which fits with your main goal. Publishing your own book could be broken into several categories such as writing, editing, cover design, synopsis and more. These can be broken down too such as ‘writing’ into the story planning, first draft, redrafts, design, and final draft. Once you have broken one category into a realistic time period you can fit other steps towards your main goal alongside this. For example, while writing your story plan you can plan your publishing budget savings. These are just some ways of planning to achieve your dream goals.

We offer writing and editing services to writers of all ages and genres. We also help your dreams come true by giving lessons in English and other things such as Arabic, religion, trauma recovery, handcrafts of various types and much more. See our ESOL page for these services. Now you can look forward to the summer holidays with pleasure. We will leave you with some thought.

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