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We have many manuscript services at prices better than other companies. We also have content editing services available for online authors and businesses, and essay proofreading services for students of all ages. Along with these, we have writing services of a wide variety.

Writing Services

Writing services are available for everyone. We do form-filling, official documents, blogs and more within our local area of Bolton, Lancashire, right up to Greater Manchester and Blackburn. We also do worldwide services of the same too. Just email us your instructions and wait while we work to complete it. We will even travel door to door for those who are disabled, have English as a second language, or live near enough to us. We strive to go the extra mile to make our customers happy.

Writing for Speakers of Other Languages.

If English is not your first language, then rest assured. Any writing done for you will include any relevant editing required. 1-1 lessons in English writing are also available. Please click ESOL for more information.


Copy-editing is the second to last stage of writing before your work is sent to a proofreader. Proofreading is not part of this service so it will be charged for separately. We use track changes in Word and proofreading symbols in PDF and on hard copy. You can see any changes that need making, and highlight any queries before it goes to the proofreader for the final stage. Any queries you may have with the work will be discussed until it is completed to your satisfaction.

There are three grades of copy-editing. A read of your work will enable us to clarify how much copy-editing will be needed.

Basic Copy-Edit

This focuses on the five C’s of writing: clarity, correctness, consistency, conciseness and completeness. Your paragraphs and sentences will have suggested adjustments that would eliminate redundant words, correct paragraph structure, replace repetitive words, weak words, phrases and sentences with synonyms and other suggested alternatives, without affecting the original message and voice of your text. This includes the same for pictures and their captions. You can expect noticeable changes to your original document when they are included in your work.

red-love-heart-old.jpgSubstantive Edit (Also Known as Developmental Edit)

This is a great service for fiction writers and authors. This involves a rewrite of various sections of the text along with editing. This service involves characterisation checks such as consistency with the colour of a character’s hair through the manuscript, dialogue’s accents, plot and more. However, it does not include proofreading. The proofreading service is charged for separately. Expect your work to change substantively. New content will be added if we feel arguments made in the body of the paper lack substance or need support. New references, citations, and research may also be added. Think of this as a learning curve in your knowledge of writing your next article or book. This is the most expensive of the edits as it is the most time-consuming and detailed, but the most rewarding for you. It will involve a lot of communication and many revisions to ensure you are completely happy with the finished result. Your tone or voice will not be altered, but your message or story will be enhanced to the delight of your audience. Any changes made in the text will be seen in Word track changes, or comment boxes if in PDF format. Only when you are happy with the text will the copy-editing be finished and your text ready for a proofreader.

Table of Contents, and Blurb

Various texts may need a table of contents, and a blurb edited. This service is usually provided after you, as a writer or author, are happy with the final revisions of the manuscript, as there are such things as page numbers and the contents page to consider.

Full Project

All the above services are included, as are the table of contents and blurb. Once you have completed your writing, leave your work with us, rest your tired eyes and wait for the polished product. See the immense power of editing bring your work to life. Index and glossary services are charged for separately.


Fact-checking has become necessary in today’s literary world due to digital technology bringing reliable and unreliable information into our lives. Please allow plenty of time for this meticulous service as it comes with a high level of liability. Your work will be checked for referencing and will ensure every fact in it is up to date such as dates, changes of names, places and more. With this check, your credibility, and integrity will be enhanced by the removal of controversial, cultural, political, religious, ethical or moral material that may be disturbing to readers. This service is charged for separately.


The proofreader is the final person to see it in the publishing industry. This is the final stage of editing before your precious work is sent for printing. Great care is taken to point out any final errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation, pronouns, illustrations, captions, spacing, and formatting missed in the publishing process. This service does not include a rewrite or any other copy-editing service and is charged for separately.

Glossary Development

This is a great service for non-fiction writers such as doctors and pharmacists. It will include any language at the core of your work that is not used in everyday conversation, such as medical and scientific terms. The glossary system can equally apply to religious, cultural, and language terminology which is not apparent to every reader. We work with all Abrahamic religious texts (Islamic, Christian and Jewish) and we have familiarity with a wide range of cultures.


It is not until your manuscript’s editing is finished, that an index may be required. This will list all your content in an easy to find, lengthy, page-numbered list. This is also of immense value for those who want concordances made.

Here is some of the extent of coverage for services available. We are happy to hear any of your new ideas.


Fiction, non-fiction, religious, biographical, memoirs, plays, poetry, scripts, academic, hand-craft patterns, children’s, teens, young adults, adults and more. Even young authors from the age of eight are catered for.


pexels-photo-439857.jpegBusiness Stationary:

Advertising, business plans, market research surveys, promotional materials, letters, website content, blog content, articles, newsletters, teaching materials, training materials, speeches, greeting cards, technical documents, and more.

If you want any services not listed here, please ask!