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The more you read the more you…

Read more to learn more ways of writing.

It is not only writing more that will help your writing get better. To read is the best way other than writing to increase your vocabulary and your subject range. Some of us get too comfortable reading one type of book. I found myself a number of years ago just reading mystery books. After I had been to university all that changed. I found reading a variety of books very beneficial for expanding my writing contexts.

“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”

Stephen King. (famous essayist)

Some of the ways reading can benefit your writing are listed here.

  • Reading reduces stress making it easier to generate new ideas.
  • It reduces analytical thinking.
  • Reading improves memory.
  • It increases knowledge.
  • To read enables us to increase our vocabulary.
  • By reading, we increase¬†awareness of other cultures and contexts.
  • It enables you to use more varied characteristics and activity for your potential characters.
  • It helps improve your writing style and language.
  • You can learn from the writing masters their techniques and methods of style.
  • You learn more about the techniques of other genres.

Most of all, you should enjoy what you read. This will help you benefit from it. Choose a topic you enjoy reading about. For more topic ideas look through the library catalogue. When you are reading to learn new ideas for writing, find a quiet undisturbed place which you can use as your favourite reading spot. Take a notebook and pen with you, get comfy, read, and enjoy.

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