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Add some colour to your writing.


Monochrome pictures are not as inspiring as coloured ones are they?

Writing without certain techniques is just the same. “The wind blew her hair” is not as inspiring as “Her sunny tresses danced on the breeze.” Writing can tell you very little of a story, bore you, or make you stop halfway through, as with bad writing. Or, it can make you feel like you are in a dream world, evoke your feelings, entice you to read right to the end and make you crave for more. To make someone read to the end of your story, and crave for more of it, you need to add certain techniques to your writing. These will enhance your characters and events, making them seem real to the reader. They will also carry the reader through your book on a sea of emotions and experiences, making them feel like they are living in your story. Here is a list of some of the many techniques that will help you achieve this.

  • Metaphors, similes, and personification add to the mental picture your story creates in the mind of the reader. It will also link past memories to the present in a story.
  • Use a character’s sensory perceptions such as seeing rather than caricatures such as hair colour to enhance characterisation. ie ‘Her hair smelled and looked like blossom’.
  • Use the dialogue to create your settings rather than the narrative. An example would be “Does he live in Kingston Street?”
  • Use emotional expressions rather than descriptions of events.

All the above and more make a reader feel that your story is real. If you are struggling we offer ESOL services, 1-1 lessons, writing, interpreting and translation services, and much more. 

Do you want to learn more?

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Take advantage of our 1-1 lessons in English, Arabic, religions, self-help, trauma-recovery, handicrafts such as knitting, lace and crochet, and much more. They are all packaged in sets of ten to thirty to suit from the beginner to the advanced. You can choose face-to-face lessons or online lessons via email, and Skype, whatever suits you. Email us at a.f.editorial.services@gmail.com for further information and visit our website at www.ahmarfeathereditorial.co.uk. Follow us for further tips, inspiration, and motivation on Facebook.com/Ahmarfeathereditorial and on Twitter.com/Ahmar_F_E.