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Typing, typing … writer’s block? Get moving.

Has your writing flow got a block? Let me explain.

Many times writers find themselves hitting the blank block. A lot of this is caused by the computer keyboards we all habitually use today. Not too many years ago many people wrote letters and collected them. Some have even been turned into books about people’s lives.

The brain is stimulated by the movement of the body, creating emotions, and new ideas. Sitting doing nothing creates a mental block. Have you ever imitated anyone’s behaviour and then found you are feeling like them, and thinking differently? In the same way, the brain needs to connect with the movement of writing on something. Movement creates new thoughts. Using a pen, pencil or crayon write anything on a scrap of paper and see how much it can reveal to you. Act out what you want to say and see if that helps. Better still, get into the habit of writing a journal about anything. Squiggling when you cannot think of anything will generate the thoughts needed to write more. Note how your ideas grow every day as you write.

Time to put in some action.

Ok writing a journal doesn’t happen just like that. Now you have jotted a few ideas on paper you need to broaden them into a story. This requires concentration. To open up your thoughts you need to be relaxed, but not too much. Find a place where you feel most comfortable, where you will not be interrupted, and keep that as your special space. You never know, it could become a book about you. Do you remember the book “The Diary of Anne Frank”? That was her journal. Now its time to write yours, with a pen to begin with. This will keep the ideas flowing. See our previous blog post for more inspiring and motivational tips.

Need an editor or proofreader?

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