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Stirring the story waters with a reader’s creativity.

Creativity leads the way.

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.

–Neil Gaiman

When reading a familiar book my mind stirs with creativity and wanders to what might have been or what could be done differently, or what should have happened in the story. Many questions more arise from this too. When you read a book or short story, has this burst of creativity happened to you?

For writers, this is great for developing your own story, especially if you read a few different ones a week. Students of any subject will also find it useful in creating assignments, research, and projects. Businesses will find reading useful for project management and when attracting new clients. Whatever reasons you have for reading books, they will always suggest something new through logical thought, a new activity, or through your thoughts while falling asleep.

Reading books not only increases our knowledge but our vocabulary too. If you cannot write English, then reading will help you form sentences in your mind, and suggest new words for you to learn. We have additional writing and other services for speakers of other languages on our ESOL page. Reading is great for teaching all ages.

Tips for teaching and learning for all.

Children from birth have black and white vision. Get them used to books by lying a baby next to a book of black and white lines and dots. This will help them learn to focus too and make them familiar with books. Once they learn to talk, show them a word a day and get them to say it by saying it for them making sure they are watching your mouth pronouncing the words slowly. This way they learn to pronounce words correctly. Many children pronounce words wrong from a young age owing to them not getting taught visually how to orally pronounce the words.

Saying that we are all, always learning. There is no end to the reasons for reading. Best of all it lets you escape to an imaginary, creative world where you can turn your dreams and hidden thoughts into something that speaks to the heart of people through creativity. It’s obviously great for when you need to wind down from a hard day, or needing the motivation to further your future. Reading is also inspirational for new ways of writing and teaching.

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