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Love your writing.

Some people write every day, some don’t. However, some love it and some do not, but all get bored occasionally.

Using new things creates new ideas… for your writing.

One solution is trying your hand at calligraphy or drawing mind charts, and from those drawing pictures of what you think would make a good story. Let your imagination go wild and then put your writing away for a day or two. After this time has passed look at it again. Does it make you think differently or of something new? Collecting photographs and cutting them up or rearranging them will help too. These are good ways to spark interest in writing and create it further. Introducing yourself and your children to calligraphy, chalk-boards, computer Word Art, and other inspirational media will help you all get interested too as will reading books alongside this for vocabulary.

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Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

Look deeper!

If you look into some authors’ biographies, through books or online, you may find that a lot use writing as therapy for themselves, or to get a political or religious viewpoint known as those in the Romantic era did. All who write need a reason to do so. Would writing give you more help with work or social life? Are you writing to help someone? Are you writing as therapy for yourself? If so what would make it more interesting for you – a new routine, or a new way of writing, or change of writing place? Whatever it is, take hold of it and use it to better your life and happiness. Without writing and reading books or online texts, there is hardly any communication, learning, or progression achieved. See our previous blogs for more tips. Look out for the next blog post next week.

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