We go out of our way to give you the best manuscript services at prices that are better than other companies. We also provide excellent writing services. All work is charged along with the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) minimum rates per hour. Pay by the hour, or by per 1000 words. Items less than 1000 words are charged per word. You may choose whatever is the cheaper for you.

Service Per hour Per 1000 words
Proofreading  £25  £7
Basic Copy-edit  £30  £8
Manuscript Substantive / Rewrite / Developmental Edit.  £35  £10
Content writing (i.e. websites)  £35  £11
Content editing & proofreading  £37  £14
Full page designing & pictures  £50 18
Fact Check  £25  £8
Table of Contents, Blurb and Cover.  £20  £7
Full manuscript services including all copy-editing and proofreading, fact-check, contents page, cover and blurb.

Full project for any text including websites, blogs, newsletters, business and teaching materials, and official document writing. Includes all writing, editing, and proofreading.











Glossary / Indexing  £30  £14
Writing for Speakers of Other Languages (includes interpreting, form-filling & editing).*

English, Arabic, and Islam lessons via email or door to door, available in packages of 10, 20, and 30 lessons

£30 (£80 if translating included)


Pack of 10 – £120

Pack of 20 – £220

Pack of 30 – £300

£15 (£65 if translating included)





Out of hours and extra time charges
We accept payments by bank transfer and cheques, and debit or credit cards by PayPal.
Anyone requiring extra time, or work completed on weekends, evenings, bank holidays and other unsociable hours will incur an additional 15% charge.

A minimum deposit must be paid before the commencement of editing, or your work will be returned in its original unedited state. See Terms and Conditions. So, take advantage of our FREE SAMPLE COPY-EDIT of up to 250 words to see for yourself what we do.

Payment in full is required before work is returned to you fully completed.
No refunds accepted, as work and hours undertaken cannot be undone. Terms and conditions apply. See Terms and Conditions.

*For the 1-1 lessons please contact us for further information.