Terms and Conditions


Any offers given may only be taken one at a time, and not in conjunction with any other offers.

All offers are one per order.


Any booking payments for the work required must be made before commencement. We will start on your work on an agreed date and in order of booking.

A minimum booking payment must be made of the 1 hour equivalent of your order i.e. proofreading – £25 before commencement to ensure certainty.

Our preferred payment method is bank transfer but other options are available.

All payments include VAT.

Work turn-around

Work varies according to what is required so please allow sufficient time for its completion. You will be asked when you would like the work returned to you and it will be returned 1-3 days before your date of requirement as your schedule is important to us.

Any delay on our part will cause a discount of 20% to be refunded to you for your inconvenience.

Refunds policy

Refunds are not given except in cases where your work is returned still in its original state. In this case refunding will be in full.

If you change your mind within the first three days of submission and want your work returned, your work will be returned, but only 50% of your booking payment will be returned to you i.e. £25 – 50% = £12.50 returned to you.

Once work is commenced no refunds are given.

All refunds will be made by bank transfer.


All complaints must be addressed to a.f.editorial.services@gmail.com.

All complaints will be resolved as quickly as possible.


All queries will be dealt with as soon as possible until you are completely satisfied. They will be initiated by email and then concluded by phone.


All content on this website and blogs are copyright (2018), and must not be copied in any way without the permission of a.f.editorial.services@gmail.com.

All author’s work submitted is kept confidential. We are not permitted to share any work without the permission of the author.